The universe and human stupidity.

“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.”

-Niels Bohr.

Wal-Mart vs Target: No contest in the recession.

How to Tweet your way out of a job.

And you probably shouldn’t liveblog all the nitty gritty from that jury you’re on either.

The dancing plague of 1518.

The laughter epidemic of 1962.

Telegony and homunculi.

The Unfinished: David Foster Wallace’s struggle to surpass Infinite Jest.

Two new novels by Robert Bolaño have been found in papers left after his death, as well as a possible continuation to 2666.

A nice interview with Charlie Kaufman about Synecdoche, New York.

How Jon Stewart Went Bad” by Tucker Carlson, the man that Stewart pretty much ruined.

Canada’s science minister won’t answer questions about whether or not he believes in evolution because he’s a Christian and he feels that such questions about one’s religion is inappropiate.

Josef Fritzl changes his plea to guilty on all charges in what has to be one of the most sick and fascinatingly bizarre “true crime” stories of the last few years.

Twenty graphic novels you should go read (after having seen Watchmen).

The Nuclear Pedophile.

And talk about some incredibly nerdy shit, this is by far the most wondrously nerdy I’ve seen: The Ocarina Of Rhyme!

Have you been growing up on Facebook? Or, are you more of the down with Facebook type? Either way, you should look me up on facebook.

I would highly recommend that you go enjoy more FAIL Blog and Married To The Sea if you have the time and inclination, and if you like Married To The Sea, I would recommend a few of my other favorite online strips like The Perry Bible Fellowship and especailly Achewood:

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

-Albert Einstein.

As you see, it’s a slow day here at ye olde Counterforce, but before we, we’re going to drop a little history on your ass (from here and here):

As you can see, the original cowboy President, Ronald Reagan, visiting Moscow back in 1988 and greeting tourists. That kid looks so happy to be shaking the hand of the leader of the free world, doesn’t he? Now look at the guy standing just behind the boy, with the camera around his neck. See him? That’s undercover KGB agent (and later Russia’s President and currently their Prime Minister) Vladimir Putin. Good times.

Oh, and one last thing:

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