Three lives/Distortions.

The topic of privacy and what you do and don’t write on your blog–both your personal blog and a workplace blog–interests me as a question of privacy, but also of voice, of how bloggers present themselves. After all, blogs are personas. We emphasize particular aspects of ourselves, allow things we want to share to be revealed, and try to obscure those we consider private, want to hide, or are not aware of.”

-Susan Mernit.

from here.

“I know this sounds opaque, but I heard British novelist M John Harrison yesterday describing how the construction of identity is changing because “culture,” the factors that acculturate people, have been smeared all over the planet by the Internet. And he sees this is as a challenge for novelists because literature is a description of how people are; it’s about structures of meaning and feeling. And the structure of literary language needs to respond to, or even *lead,* new structures of meaning and feeling.”

-Bruce Sterling, speaking at this year’s SXSWi.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ben.”

Young Ben Linus = Evil Harry Potter!

Speaking of evil…

It’s Cthulhu Cthursday!

Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoons.

Lex Luthor would like a little of that bailout cash, please (starring Jon Hamm).

Comic Book Legends Revealed!

Grant Morrison, fresh off Final Crisis, discusses the new Batman and Robin and his upcoming series about them, Batman & Robin. Depending on who you talk to, the identity of these two new heroes is either a matter of heavy speculation or total foregone conclusions. The new Robin is obviously Damien, the just recently discovered son of Bruce Wayne (whose mother is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul), but who is the new Batman going to be? There’s been quite a bit of foreshadowing that would seem to indicate that it’s the first Robin, Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing, but a recent theory and interesting bit of speculation (that came with a fantastic set of annotations for Batman RIP, almost rivaling Tim Callahan’s) I read has me wondering if and kind of hoping it will be Tim Drake, the latest/current Robin.

“Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life.”

-Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Reconstructing Atticus Finch.

The Mark Twain guide to better blogging.

What is reality? Who are we?

And some mad linkage stolen from the geniuses at Mercenary Writers:

Winner of the “worst postmodern article title” award.

Ten literary one hit wonders.

Ten spectacular second novels.

Ten cursed second novels.

The National “Secret Meeting” (mp3)

High Places “From Stardust To Sentience” (mp3)

Clinic “Distortions” (mp3)

Rogue Wave “Eyes” (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)(mp3)

“Some complain that e-mail is impersonal — that your contact with me, during the e-mail phase of our relationship, was mediated by wires and screens and cables. Some would say that’s not as good as conversing face-to-face. And yet our seeing of things is always mediated by corneas, retinas, optic nerves, and some neural machinery that takes the information from the optic nerve and propagates it into our minds. So, is looking at words on a screen so very much inferior? I think not; at least then you are conscious of the distortions. Whereas, when you see someone with your eyes, you forget about the distortions and imagine you are experiencing them purely and immediately.”

-Neal Stephenson, from Cryptonomicon.

We’ll see you tomorrow, unless of course Cthulhu gets us first and reality gets all distorted. Or something.

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