Blog when you’re dead…

…and sleep now. Or, perhaps the other way around.

A lot of people (online) have been talking about the more than apparent sanitization of Amazon that started this past weekend.  Initially, Amazon PR said, “Oh, don’t worry, it’s just a glitch,” but that’s apparently not the case (though a hacker is taking credit, but it still seems fishy). Not at all, it would seem. And while it sadly seems to be targeted of anything of a predominantly homosexual nature, it also looks to be the beginning of pushing anything remotely adult in nature back behind an electronic beaded curtain. I guess I can understand their wanting to shield all the Harry Potter and Twilight fans from the grown up stuff, but still, it seems kind of sad.

I’m the kind of pervert who likes all his filth right out in the open. Well… mostly.

At least we still have gratuitously violent materials of all sorts to chow down on. Take away my lurid blue materials away, but leave me something to satisfy my bloodlust, if you please.

Earlier today, coincidentally after reading a nice post on the need for good writers and perhaps not so much of an emphasis on improving one’s own brand by our very own Lollipop Gomez, I came across an old issue of Wired, the one with Julia Allison on the cover. Ah, the Queen of self promotion.

from here.

The article is interesting, kind of a bland history and introduction of Julia Allison the character to the mainstream readers of the magazine, and that’s pretty much all I’ll say about her. By now, you get the gist. You either like her or you don’t. You either like what she does or you don’t.  The thing I do want to share from the article is actually from one if it’s sidebars, a goofy little bit on how to twitter successfully (and mind you, this is from August of 2008, when twitter was… well, only slightly less well known than it is now)(although now it’s “a marketing tool“), in which Wired asked some of Twitter’s “top talents” to provide advice on proper twittering in 140 characters or less. This is from a guy named Joshua Allen:

“Every single Twitter post you write should be something that could get you laid, ruin a marriage, or bring a tear to a fat little kid’s eye.”

Good advice. And the very words I live by, both here in the real world and also in the Matrix.

Mad Linkage for you l33t h@x0rs:

John Gruber and Merlin Mann’s panel from SXSW on turbocharging your blog. Very interesting stuff. And it’s nicely targeted at those who just want to do better and not necessarily make mucho dinero (though there’s nothing wrong with that).

Should journalism go nonprofit?

Passenger lands airplane after pilot dies.

Oregon bans bukkake!

Al Franken is officially the next Senator from Minnesota (again, it seems), though appeals are, of course, likely.

Speaking of the GOP: Teabagging.

Marilyn Chambers was found dead today in her home.

Top 10 inaccurate movies about the future.

Lisa Hannigan is (finally!) putting together a solo album.

J. M. Coetzee on Samuel Beckett, Margaret Atwood nominated for an award (on business books, interestingly enough), and the mash up of Pride And Prejudice and the undead becomes a bestseller. And that’s just a few choice links from this lovely collection of them.

Go do a little light reading, internet superstars.

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