The magnificent bastards of SCIENCE.

And who’s the craziest, most bad ass, most magnificent and underrated (yes, underrated) science bastard of all time?

Nikola Fucking Tesla.

Hey, I wouldn’t mind having David Bowie play me in a movie.

Or be the star of a steampunk-ish graphic novel (teamed up with Mark Twain against that dastardly Thomas Edison).

Or have a band named after myself. Or have invented a MOTHERFUCKING DEATH RAY. Or eventually something like this:

That is some red hot awesome nerdery, from here.

And here’s a really cool podcast that focuses on Tesla, which I’d highly recommend. Thanks, Lia, for sending it my way.


The real live astronauts of the international space station are currently watching J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek movie in, you know, space.

Dad ate my eyes,” the young boy told the police.

Wanna know what happened to the big, stupid neanderthals? They were eaten. By humans.

NASA may abandon plans for a moon base.

The space shuttle Atlantis is on it’s way to repair the Hubble Space Telescope and on the way…

…we were able to see this lovely silhouette of the shuttle against the sun.

13 things that do not make sense. And no, the origins of my sexiness are not examined here.

Flowers on Europa? Sounds like the title of an old sci fi serial, doesn’t it?

The Hobbits are/were “a seperate species.” Good.

Skydiver survives 6,000 foot fall without parachute.

Feeling suicidal? Try a little lithium in your water.

China’s sex theme park…

…was sadly demolished before it ever opened. :(

Abuse of child “witches” is on the rise.

The exact location of free will in the brain found?

Should creative workers use cognitive-enhancing drugs?

The Pentagon is looking for telepathic soldiers. Seriously. Did no one see Brian De Palma’s The Fury. I mean, really?

The pressures of modern life may be hastening human evolution. That kind of makes sense, right?

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