Look inside your heart and you will find it there.

I want to thank my homie Conrad for another great post yesterday and man, just what a great message. Especially with all the intolerance in the world and every crazy thing out there going on, particularly of late, the situation in Iran. Conrad Noir is going to take it upon himself to just heal the whole fucking world, one internet reader after another, right?

Also, I’d like to share with him one of my favorite tracks by a band, I really like, the Delgados:

The song is called “All You Need Is Hate” off their brilliant album Hate, and you know what? I love it. I happily discovered the Delgados about two years ago, right around the time I was re-discovering Low, and I’m happy to report that while I do love Stars, the Delgados were Stars before Stars were. I just wish that the video for “Hate” was… better. But that won’t stop me from sharing the video for one of my favorite Stars songs with you. Here’s “Window Bird.”

Then, there’s Low, which I mentioned before. I don’t know how to describe Low to you, or not in a level of detail I care to. They’re a literate and somewhat sad to the core (or deeper) type rock band (or slowcore band, more accurately), again similar to Stars in a lot of ways. There album, Things We Lost In The Fire, is essential (and it’s where that Benecio Del Toro and Halle Berry movie got it’s name from), and so is the album, Trust. Since I’ve already preached hate here apparently, I’ll leave you powerfully, poignantly sad here with their song “Point Of Disgust” from the aforementioned Trust. Maybe music will breach the divide between all of us and heal our hard hearts? I sincerely doubt it, but you never know. Enjoy the song and have a nice day.

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