In honor of New York and the Pentagon. In honor of families and lives torn apart and fallen off the edge of the Earth. In honor of beer, barbecue, and children wrestling with each other in confederate flag diapers while their parents film it and make money on the internet. In honor of underage couples that get knocked up on shitty beer in the back of pick up trucks while listening to Toby Keith songs. In honor of those who think you shouldn’t elect a President with a middle name of “Hussein” because it marks him as a terrorist. For all of you patriots and winners…

And in honor of you as well, Benjamin Light, and please don’t think I’m grouping you in with the prom kings, the future business leaders of America, and the Charlie Sheens listed above…

But in honor of all you fine people…


RIP T-Shirt Hell. It may have been stupid, but let’s get real: It was entertaining.

Let’s go have a drink and talk about what’s next.

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