A Movie Script Ending

Marco and I were talking the other day about how the Best Screenplay Oscar never seems to fit.

Exhibit A: Juno. Great movie. Feel good without pandering. The kind of movie you want to give an award to. But the academy didn’t really know what to award it for, so Diablo Cody ends up with a statute, even though Ellen Page carried the film on her back.

Exhibit B: Lost in Translation. An instant classic. Surely Sofia Coppola deserved some kind of honor for making this film, but again, the academy doesn’t know what to do, so they give her a screenplay trophy when the script was the least of her accomplishments.

What Marco and I decided was that there needs to be a Best Filmmaker Oscar. For the film with that certain je nais c’est quoi where everything comes together to make a movie you’ll never forget.

Of course, while we’re at it, the Academy could stand to take back the trophies for Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, Chicago, Return of the King, Crash…

Anyway, apropos of nothing, these are a few of my favorite scenes…

Before Sunrise

“Baby. You are gonna miss that plane.”

Brick“What’d she whisper to you?” “She called me a dirty word.”

Bruce Campbell vs. The Army of Darkness

“I never even saw these assholes before!”

The Dark Knight

“You have nothing, nothing to threaten me with. Nothing to do with all your strength.”

I Heart Huckabees

“How am I not myself?”

The Big Lebowski

“The plane has crashed into the goddamn mountain!”

The Life Aquatic

“What happened to Jacqueline? “She didn’t really love me.”


“I’m gonna show you a world without sin.”

Lost in Translation

“There were Japanese surfers there. And the guy was playing really, really, really great music.”


“It says here on your chart that you’re fucked up. Uh, you talk like a fag and your shit’s all retarded.”

V For Vendetta

“Beneath this mask, there is an idea, Mr. Crede. And ideas are bulletproof.”

Zero Effect

“There aren’t evil guys and, and good guys. It’s just — It’s just… It’s just a bunch of guys!”

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3 responses to “A Movie Script Ending

  1. I really couldn’t agree more with you, Benjamin. The oscars seem to consistently fuck up. And now they’re letting even more shit get nominated for best picture.

  2. It’s mostly Ellen Page love. I found, when writing this, that there wasn’t really a great line from Juno that I could quote here. But still, don’t hate. It may have been overwritten, but Page and Jennifer Garner made it one of the best movies in a down year at the cinema. I think ‘Jennifer’sBody’ sheds a light on Diablo Cody’s measure of talent.

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