The Ides.

Today is the day you were warned about.

Honestly, I just like saying: “Beware!” And telling people to beware various things. Like, “Beware those calories!” Or, “Beware Justin Bieber!”

Recently on Counterforce:

We’ve been comparing things, things like the manic pixie dream girl vs. the amazing girl, Heroes vs. Battlestar Galactica, and Kirsten Dunst vs. Kate Hudson.

We’ve got plenty of our favorite news items and lots of mad linkage to share with you.

And we celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss.

We’ve been watching – what else is new? – this brand new and final season of Lost: “Dr. Linus,” “Sundown,” The Lighthouse,” “The Substitute,” and “What Kate Does.”

And, in doing so, we’ve been trying to get inside the minds of characters like Jack and Sayid. But perhaps they’ve been getting into our brains instead?

Speaking of television: Nip/Tuck finally ended, but the singularity still looms on the horizon (and perhaps on cable TV as well).

Oh, and the Oscars came and went again. We talked about afterward and talked about it quite a bit during the ceremony.

I read Tao Lin’s first collection of stories and then talked a little about short stories in general for your amusement.

The lovely Karen Gillan as a soothsayer of sorts in Doctor Who.

People tend to believe that God believes what they believe, we learned, and then we watched a bit of Chris Marker’s documentary about Andrei Tarkovsky.

Conrad talks about two of his favorite things: Prince and Kevin Smith (but more so Prince than Kevin Smith, he assures me).

from here.

Oh, and my iphone is apparently waiting to me, amidst the sea of pornography, sex pills, and mortgage help that the internet is just dying to offer me.

And our very own Maria Diaz, who’s been rocking it at SXSW this past weekend, got herself wifed up for the purposes of partying and let me DJ the party, and you were cordially invited to the event.

Fun fact about The Ides: It’s the 15th day of the month, but only in March, May, July, and October. In every other month, it’s the 13th of the month. The Roman calendar is really so weird.

All this talk of soothsaying and foretelling has me thinking… Here at Counterforce, when we’re not complaining about shit, we’re typically just slicing up bits of our subconscious, things that we like from all over the place, and sharing them with you. Sometimes it’s planned, and sometimes it happens on a deadly whim, but I wonder… Perhaps we should be planning and sharing what we’re planning more beforehand, teasing you a bit… Hmm. Maybe, right?

Or, more dangerously, just throwing out random things at the start of a month, or any time period, and then talking about them at some point, in some way. Maybe the topics are user generated, or just things the author knows nothing about but have always been abstractly interested in, I don’t know. And then they go off and learn something about that topic, or maybe they don’t. But they find an angle and attack it. Maybe it’s predictive blogging, maybe it’s something else.

OR! And this, this right here, is insane, but let me start earlier… at work, sometimes, when we’re bored, my co-workers and I will play a game, a silly, stupid game that we call “The Wikipedia game.” We generate a large group of topics and subjects, then you pick two randomly. You go to one of those topic/subject’s wikipedia pages, and utilizing only links on that page, you have to, in five clicks or seven clicks (or whatever) or less, you have to arrive at the second topic you picked. Think “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon,” but more infotastic and time wasting. Mind you, I”m just talking out loud here, so maybe this is lame, but what if blogging was like that? 

Something wicked this way came.

Just over three days to go!

Happy (day after) Halloween.

Just to recap you: Commander Light went as Jim from The Office.

Last night amidst all the other trick or treaters, a little girl came up to my door dressed as Amy Winehouse. It took me a second to realize that she wasn’t in fact a coked up looking micro witch, but the British singer.

Her pale face (with this caked on white powdery stuff) lit up and her eyes got bigger and brighter and she gave me a big hug. “Thank you so much,” she said. “You’re the first person tonight to recognize what my costume is.”

And then she ran off into the night. And I sighed at the state of the future.

As I write this, I’m watching tonight’s SNL. Don’t ask me why. I have no good, valid reason. Thankfully, with the election on Tuesday I can go back (if I even do that) to what my usual routine has been the past few weeks: Scan Tumblr and Hulu for highlights. One of last weeks’ Don Draper skits was excellent, but the one featuring more of the Mad Men cast was not. A typical SNL skit, really.

Also, Ben Affleck’s impression of Keith Olbermann is astonishingly bad. For some reason, he plays him as extra poncy British.

But without Amy Poehler on the show anymore, I don’t know why anyone would continue to watch after Tuesday (there’s apparently another primetime special on Monday night). Except for the last month and a half, I don’t think I’ve really watched this show (either than the occasional Andy Samberg clip online) since four years ago. And I’m okay with not coming back for another four years.

Though McCain’s appearance did feel like a bit of a concession. Here’s John and Cindy backstage.

Sarah Palin erotica.

Palin got punk’d. (Partial transcript here)

Even Fox News has turned on McCain and his running mate. Just ask Shepard Smith.

I think I voted.

Why it’s not Joe The Architect.

Obama takes one of his daughters trick or treating, meets a little boy who’s costume is Barack Obama.

NYPD cop steals cocaine and cash, then takes awesome Myspace picture.

Stripper FAIL.

I really want to see Let The Right One In.

On Halloween, one woman would only give out candy to the kids of McCain supporters.

Al Franken mailer scares children.

Obama and Palin, video game stars.

Cute puppy webcam.

Palin fears that the media threatens her first amendment rights. Also, Gotcha!

The Economist endorses Obama.

Man with a heart problem dies watching porn.

Sarah Palin is a whack job.

Diarrhea is no excuse for speeding.

The 10 least scary horror movies.

The 10 least scary supernatural TV shows.

War and social upheaval causes spike in zombie movie production.

Marco Sparks on Frankenstein.

Nudists want clothing-optional polling site!

Don’t forget: You’re all Joe The Plumber.