“With your feet in the air and your head on the ground.”

From the internet:

Schizophrenia: the insanity virus.

The return of literary magazines?

Bill Clinton to be in The Hangover 2.

How the CIA used modern art as a weapon.

Darren Aronofsky’s Wolverine sequel to be called simply The Wolverine.

Carey Mulligan considered the front runner for Daisy in the Baz Luhrmann/Leonardo Dicaprio adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

The reign of right-wing primetime.

J. J. Abrams’ Undercovers canceled.

Thankfully: Satoshi Kon’s last movie to be completed by Madhouse.

The future of reviews.

Previously on Counterforce: Gravity Girls.

Pictures in this post by Stephen Morris, from here.

Six x-rated comics you can read without shame.

Six steps to being the coolest person at media/tech parties.

My crush is engaged! :(

Facebook’s “gmail killer” coming on Monday?

Aaron Sorkin’s four big problems with the WGA.

Natalie Portman wasn’t the “Deep Throat” for The Social Network.

…but she has written a new “raunchy comedy.”

Kanye West’s “media trainer” reportedly quit within a week.

According to John Lennon: Yoko does not sweat.

The words “Thom Yorke” and “photobomb” are always funny in the same sentence.

“Try this trick and spin it, yeah.”

After the tragic death of Party Down, Rob Thomas (no, not that cunt) has a new FOX sitcom.

When Tyler Coates met Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Iain M. Banks on uploading oneself and living forever.

Jonathan Lethem on They Live.

Caveman science fiction.

Embarrassing Moments” by Megan Boyle.

We wouldn’t have this pithy little thing you call “civilization” if it weren’t for beer.

Psychic wars.

A comprehensive glossary of GIFs.

Can we see into the future?

The year of blogging dangerously!

Or: “My Year In Lists, part four: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Just Wish The New Year (So I Wouldn’t Feel Any Different) Was Fucking Here Already!” What do you think, too long?

The year that was: food shortages, scares, and rising costs.

The year in photographs.

50 We know now that we didn’t know this time last year.

Many teens don’t keep their virginity pledges. Good on you, kids.

The coolest movie posters of the year. And big, stupid Hollywood movies to look forward to in 2009.

NYT‘s top pictures of the year.

And a whole other kind of best pictures of the year list.

The 7 funniest apolitical skits on SNL this year. Can you believe that there’s actually that many? Ha ha, I can’t!

What you can do to prepare yourself for a post peak oil world, part one.

The 15 best videos of the year (some of them have been around much longer than a year, though).

Insane discoveries that science can’t explain.

2008: Totally the year to take yourself out on a date and enjoy a nice dinner for one. Cause you know, nobody has to know!

The best 100 comics of the year, part 1 (#100 – 81). All I know is that the quite frankly fantastic endings to both All Star Superman and Y The Last Man and maybe even Pixu and definitely Young Liars had better be in the top 5 of this list. Or the conclusion to the second run of Casanova, which has been talked about here before. I could probably go on and on…

Also, here’s NPR’s best graphic novels of the year, a list which includes Local and Paul Pope, which pleases me, but I’m unhappy that it doesn’t mention Three Shadows. Or Bottomless Belly Button.


Best book covers of the year.

Top archaeology discoveries of the year.

The most embarrassing moments of campaign 2008.

Top tech breakthroughs of the year. And tech trends to expect in 2009.

Social media predictions for the new year.

Moments that mattered!

The best female bloggers of 2008. And the best male bloggers as well.

30 of the most notable blogs of the year.

2008: The year the geeks took over.

What not to miss in visual art in 2009.

The buzzwords of the year. Personally, I think they forgot “superdelegates.”

Some outrageous predictions for 2009.

Top astronomy pictures of the year.

A rundown of the talented (famous) people who’ve died this year.

15 overlooked deaths in 2008.

Counterforce‘s best music of the year, part 1. Part 2. Annnddd part 3.

The wildest rock photos of the year.

Want to catch your favorite band playing on New Year’s Eve? Here’s who’s playing where.

Jesus. Tomorrow’s the last day of the year. Can you believe that? What a long, strange trip it’s been…