The cure for the common television show.

Mad linkage:

John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe (and hopefully teaming up with young Abe Lincoln to hunt vampires).

Obama urges Americans to “turn the page” on Iraq.

Bill Compton as Doctor Doom and either Jack Bauer or John McClane as the Thing.

Jon Hamm: “If Rob Lowe had been cast in the part, it would have been different. There was no backstory with me.”

An interesting write up on Phonogram: The Singles Club.

Behind the “Frazenfreude.”

Stephen Hawking changes his views on God.

Just imagine this: An 80 hour Lost marathon.

5 mind blowing ways that your memory plays tricks on you.

5 UFO sightings that even non-crazy people find creepy.

5 stupidest ways that movies deal with foreign languages.

6 famous unsolved mysteries (that have totally been solved).

January Jones: “I need not to think about my character. Betty is so blissfully ignorant in certain ways, so I feel like I should be too.”

Speaking of Arcade Fire: Their new collab with Google folks, The Wilderness Downtown.

A cannibal restaurant in Berlin. Figures.

Laura Marling’s award-nominated love triangle.

Self-described CIA assassin dies in ([accidental] self-imposed) gun accident.

Some of these pictures are, of course, from Rolling Stone, which will be featuring Mad Men on the cover of their new issue. Great idea. Bad photoshopping on that cover though.

And, I tell ya, August and I have really missed doing our Mad Men write ups the past few episodes, especially since, as far as I’m concerned, this has been the show’s strongest season yet, but on the plus side, it’s probably spared you an incredible amount of Nora Zehetner photos that I would’ve just bombarded you with…


Creepy artificial arm from the 1800s.

Peter Travers talks with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Weezer’s just trying to sell some clothes and Cee-Lo says “Fuck You.”

Is Barnes & Noble really going bye bye?

Blah blah blah bedbugs.

The Bloom Box: A power plant the size of a coffee mug.

Why do hurricanes often curve out to sea?

There’s some NSFW happening in the new Conan movie.

One year after Disney bought Marvel: Not much has really changed.

The perilous profession of underground mining.

Wormholes in NYC.

I honestly can’t believe that they renewed Human Target.

Booty calls are their own special type of relationship.

Oh, and hey, the next post will be the 750th!

“A means to an end…”

As promised, 23 observations about last night’s episode of Lost…

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Paradoxes will follow a cute redhead anywhere, anywhen.

No turning back, no way out, and nowhere else to go…

And that’s where we were left with last week’s episode of Doctor Who as the Doctor, Amy, River Song, and Father Octavian and his clerics were surrounded by the advancing Weeping Angels. The cliffhanger was deadly and our characters were down so low that they had only one way left to go… Up.

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When worlds collide.

Completely unrelated to anything interesting or worthwhile, I was just watching the episode of Lost where Richard Alpert leaves the Island to go watch baby John Locke be born in the early 50s. This is, of course, because adult John Locke traveled back in time to visit Alpert a few years before that moment, told him when he was going to be born, and suggested that he drop by.

And then, coming into my online peripherals, was a promo image from the upcoming season (I’m busily making my way through the season 2 DVDs to get ready) of Mad Men, which is set in the 60s.

It occurs to me that somebody should really write atrociously bad fan fiction where Richard Alpert and Don Draper share words, a drink, and if you’re turning that fan fiction into slash fiction, perhaps an extramarital affair. But that’s up to you. (I don’t like that the only acting DNA that Lost and Mad Men share currently is that annoying guy Phil who thankfully got impaled in the season finale.) Personally, I’d totally watch a spinoff where Richard Alpert and Don Draper open up a bar in Key West and have to team up with pirates and Ernest Hemingway to seek out long lost ghost treasure. And they don’t bring Connor from Angel along with them.