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“The heart wants what it wants.”

I literally spent a whole day trying to think of just a truly amazing pun for you sexy people revolving around the skeletal structure of: “And then Charles Widmore shows Jin his package.” But beyond what it is, I came up with nothing. Sigh. Such is the dilemma after last night’s interesting and solid episode of Lost, entitled “The Package.”

It was a Sun and Jin episode, and… you know what? It’s about time it was a Sun and Jin episode, right?

I mean, all of last season we were watching, eagerly anticipating the reunion between them, which we didn’t get. That’s cool, that’s cool, but here we are… still waiting, still hoping, only the hope is turning into something else now. A kind of dread as the end of the season/show looms larger on the horizon.

Here’s a couple that are certainly lost on Lost, but will they ever be “…and found” again?

You’d think so with the increasing number of white people who are promising either Sun or Jin that they’re going to help them be reunited. But, then again, white people promise all kinds of shit, don’t they?


I kind of liked the story of Sideways Sun and Jin. The rich girl, the princess of a powerful and ruthless man, “the glass ballerina,” beautiful and hard and cruel in her own right at times, and her clueless, lovelorn bodyguard. One last task to be carried out for her father and then they’re going to run off together into their own happy ending. After all, wasn’t that Jin’s father’s advice to his son once upon a time in another timeline? Only, her father has other plans: like having Jin killed by Keamy. So sad, but so good. Being from Korea, it’s only natural that Sun and Jin would not know that no one actually finds a happy ending in LA. Well, except for that kind of happy ending, of course.

The stuff with Jack and Sun and her lost voice was interesting, nicely echoing Jack’s previous attempt at a pep talk with Sun, but I have to admit that as Jack was walking up to her there on the beach, eager to talk her into going with them to stop the Man in Black, I kept thinking, “How on earth is Jack going to attempt to kill himself this time?”

And speaking of the Man In Black/The Locke-ness Monster… I liked that he inherited a little of Locke’s tragic, hopeless pathetic lot in life of sorts. Things just don’t want to be simple for him.

And back to Jack, Richard Alpert, Ilana, and the gang… I think if I have one major complaint about this final season, it’s that we’re in a kind of lull now. The first few episodes were a huge rush to get somewhere and then… sit around and wait. Then things sped up and went crazy and characters frantically hurried up to… sit around and wait some more. I suspect that things are about to change on that front, and I’m thankful.

It’s interesting how the two camps on the show are split up literally between the good and the bad. Well, mostly. Locke’s gang includes the torturer, the killers and the criminals, and the corporate goons, the insane and the spineless. Jack’s group… well, there’s an immortal man, a millionaire who talks with the dead, a Korean billionaire who lost her ability to speak English, and also Frank Lapidus and Miles. And Ilana. Ben’s the wild card there, the stand out to that logic. But he’s reformed and docile now, right?


And the text message I got late last night…

Benjamin Light: “That’s right, bitches: Sayid just held his breath underwater for like five hours!”

Myself: “Fuck Yeah Sayid doesn’t need air anymore.” Chuck Norris better watch out.

Also, Richard Alpert in no way, shape, nor form supports Flash Forward and sure as hell doesn’t recommend that you watch it. He’d rather see the Man In Black escape the Island and unleash hell on Earth than see Flash Forward get a second season pick up.

And closer and closer we get…