“There’s only one person in the universe who hates me as much as you do.”

Last week we were in the past and in the dark with vampires from an alien ocean and now we’re trapped both in the here and now in the freezing cold and in the future, in a dark and nasty happily ever after. Two realities, two dreams, and an impossible choice between the two with the wrong one leading to certain death…

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The end of time, part one.


This is a Doctor Who post. Sort of.

I should talk about the part one finale of the Tenth Doctor era, “The End Of Time, Part One,” but instead, especially in the spirit of the approaching New Year, this is about the anticipation of the concluding episode, which airs on New Year’s day in the UK, and the day after here in the colonies.

If I were to talk about part one, I’d tell you that it was a truly silly and ridiculous episode, just incredibly over the top at times. But wonderful. Just perfectly strange and nonsensical at times, but then within that wildnerness of weird, you’d get little scenes, like the one between David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins in the cafe. With just the faintest possibility of a tear in my eye, I could probably watch that scene again and again.

Also, thank you mightily Timothy Dalton for all that Time Lord spittle.

Definitely something that I think the thespians in America need to appropriate from across the Atlantic: The glorious art of just throwing some of your own saliva in another actor’s faces while chewing the scenery. Making someone blink and possibly having to take a handkerchief to their face is really what should decide who gets Oscars and things like that these days.

Play along at home:

from here.

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The Russians are going to chip in to save the Earth from destruction via meteorite in 2032. I remember reading about 99942 Apophis, the asteroid that will get dangerously close to our planet two decades from now and emailing a few people about it, not freaking out or anything, just saying, “You know, this is kind of interesting.” And I remember people telling me, “If this was a big deal, we would’ve heard something by now.” The time is now.

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Nerd Prom is over.

Is it me or was there nothing really of super duper interest that came out news-wise from this past Comic-Con?

I mean, the Lost panel sounded interesting, but it always does. No real super huge news teased from the last Lost panel ever, more just silly videos and what have you, it seemed like. Probably to preserve the mystery about what direction the new/final season will take? Whatever direction it is, I like how they’re teasing us with the strong possibility that next year will start with the rebooted timeline created via Jack/Juliet blowing up Jughead. Hmmm.

Damon Lindelof: “The time travel season is over. The flash-forward season is over. We have something different planned.” Great. But you guys always do. Is it next January/February yet?

Speaking of flash forwards… that show Flash Forward sounds interesting, but with Charlie in it? Ehhh. I’m sure this means that the silly little hobbit will weasel his way into the new season of Lost.

Other things of note from the just concluded Comic-Con 2009:

Felicia Day.

Apparently this young lady is on fire. She was good in Dr. Horrible as the harmless decent sweet Mary Sue female lead, and while her online show, The Guild, is just not for me, it’s apparently quite popular. She’s in those commercials for whatever the hell appliance store it is and she’s in that as yet unaired episode of Dollhouse which will supposedly lead to more appearances in season 2. She’s on fire!

And having witnessed her in person earlier this year at Wondercon, I can’t begin to describe to you how lovely she is in person. She almost looks bad for your teeth.

Iron Man 2.

Well, no, not really. The first Iron Man movie was okay, not bad at all, and kind of refreshing in what a trainwreck it wasn’t. But it wasn’t spectacular and part of that, I think, has to do with how uninteresting the Iron Man character is. If I was writing an Iron Man comic/movie, you want to know how I’d do it? Exactly the same as the first movie, just minus the actual suit of metal and guys in suits of metal hitting each other and just all of that bullshit, really. And maybe add in a little more sex. But it’d be a lot of Tony Stark just traveling the world, getting drunk, and solving all the world’s problems with money. Trust me, it’d work.


Honestly, I could give a shit about this movie. In fact, it looks kind of stupid to me. But look at that picture up above. That’s hardcore, right?

The trailer for the new Tron movie, Tron 2.0, Tron: Legacy, Tr2n, whatever the hell it’s called:

The quality on that video is crap. Go here to see it in much better quality, minus the soundtrack score.

Granted, if it were up to me, I’d suggest they just remake Tron, because who’s honestly seen that movie recently? The last time I saw it, I was probably 4 and back, then I thought it was awesome, but back then cames like Pong were The Shit.

James Cameron’s Avatar.

I’ll admit, while I’m not on the edge of my seat with excitement, I‘ve got some curiosities.

Marvelman/Miracleman returns!

The only actual bit of comic book whatever news that I’ve heard out of SDCC that was remotely interesting, and believe me, this is. And a long time coming too. So much so that it’d be impossible to sum up quickly, but for now, let’s just say: Fuck Todd McFarlane.

The new season of Heroes!

No, I can’t back that up. Sorry. Not even close. August Bravo told me not long ago that he had to eventually drop this show and it sounds like he picked the perfect time. From what I can tell the next season will focus on some kind of weird carnival bullshit, Sylar looking creepy, and a very special episode where Claire the cheerleader gives lipstick lesbianism (with the lovely Madeline Zima) a on off try, probably right around Sweeps.

Doctor Who‘s new specials and the next iteration.

In short: Fuck the haters. And pity the confused. Sadly, the movies rumors were way off, but that’s probably for the best right now. The trailer for the next special in the UK, “The Waters Of Mars” is here:

That’s the new trailer, from the recent Comic-Con panel, and you can find the original teaser trailer here, and the preview scene here. I’ll spare you the teaser for “The End Of Time” because it’s just a kind of placeholder. If you know what I’m talking about, then you know.

And, of course, filming is underway on the new season already with the new Doctor and the new companion:

I’m digging half of this combo, and the jury’s still out on the other half. Avoid the rest of the filming pics for spoilers, which works as a lovely inside joke of it’s own.

Badass ladies and super empowerment.

The panel with Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Mitchelle, and Eliza Dushku (who is now dating Rick Fucking Fox) sounded interesting. Kind of fan service-y with no real depth, but interesting nonetheless.

Semi-unrelated, it’s been suggested to me that perhaps Counterforce should go to Comic-Con next year? That would be… something, wouldn’t it?

Also, apparently the San Diego Conference Center has been told that they need to seriously expand by 2011 or the Comic-Con folks are going to take Nerd Prom elsewhere.

Everything old is new again: