Cthulhu waits dreaming on a Thursday afternoon.

A while back Lollipop was telling me about how the Gawker model of blogging, regardless of what anyone personally feels about it, is one of the most successful models out there. The smartest strategy, she essentially told me, is to keep it short and simple, keep it coming fast and hard, and make is trashy whenever you can. Cause we all want to dig through the trash.

She’s right, I feel, for the most part. And while I don’t tend to care about Gawker (and come to think of it, BoingBoing essentially follows the same model of group microblogging, right?), it’s affiliates tend to interest me more. IO9, for example. Why don’t I look at this site more often?  I took a dip over there the other day and encountered a series of different posts sharing essentially the same theme:

Aliens want your sex.

A crash course in alien reproduction.

What are you doing to prepare for human-alien sex? (Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s not enough, never enough.)

Five ways to hit on aliens.

Kim Basinger’s penis terrorizes Allyson Hannigan. (That makes sense. It terrorizes me a little too just to think about it.)

Must see: Starman. And must see: Liquid Sky.

Rudy Rucker’s math orgy classic “Sex Sphere” gets reissued. (I promise it’s worth clicking on just for the pictures from The Sex Sphere.)

Most embarrassing alien mating scenes of all time.

I could continue, but I won’t (eve though, wonderfully, there’s much more similar silliness). Basically, you get the theme:

…which I find just hilarious. I guess I’m not just a sci fi nerd, I’m also a bit of a dork. Which is probably more obvious to you from reading any of my posts than it is to me, or should be to me. Everyone here at Counterforce has a different vision for what they want the blog to be like (which I love), but whenever someone asks me what I would really want Counterforce to be like, my answer is usually 30% Harper’s magazine and now 30% IO9. I’ll tell you about the other 40% later. Cool your anticipation with either a super crazy huge Lost spoiler that could break your brain in half or some more of this hotness:

It’s the scary place where Suicide Girls collide with little green men, only they’re kind of a gross piss yellow color.

And then there’s the almost as terrifying place where Lost collides with Twin Peaks to scare the ever loving shit out of Marco Sparks:

I’ll return in the next day or so to talk about more bits of oddity or mystery spots I love on this planet, or… surreal estate, if you will. Ha ha. Yeah, that’s bad. Anyway, in the mean time…

Mad Linkage:

Space Blob on the outer edges of faraway space!

Sibling worlds might be the wettest and lightest known.

The first 7 minutes of The Brothers Bloom is on Hulu, for anyone interested in the follow up film by Rian Johnson, who made Brick. It’s really good and I would highly recommend it.

The 10 coolest foreign words that the English language needs.

Agent Scully joining Doctor Who.

More tributes to J. G. Ballard.

Couples to test intimacy device.

Avoid a future cataclysm: Forget the past!