Sometimes you kick…

…And sometimes you get kicked. Right, Michael Hutence? Right. You know, at the risk of revealing how horrible of a person I am, that’s the first thing I thought of – literally, it was the first thing to go through my mind – when I first heard about his death/suicide/autoerotic asphyxiation FAIL. Don’t believe me? Just ask this girl…

That may be the greatest trailer for a movie I’ve ever seen in my life. With a trailer that simple and that great, I’d even watch shit like Two And A Half Men.

I can’t back that up. I’d never watch that show voluntarily.

Anyways, today I am quite simply exhausted. You know what that means?


Obama met with the four surviving US Presidents today.

The bees continue to disappear despite all the cocaine we’re giving them!

Joe the plumber, war correspondent? Sigh.

Tentacle UFOs!

Also, Tentacle Grape!

The Arctic is melting a little quicker than we expected. About twenty years earlier.

There’s something new for me to be terrified in the world of dating: Apophallation.

Henry Rollins loves Ann Coulter.

China and the human flesh search engine.

Wait, wait, I’m sorry, but… hentai soda?!

WTF? Okay, yeah, I’d probably try it. Whatever.

German Mayor has gone into hiding after Neo-Nazi death threats.

Desktop particle accelerators.

Man arrested after a dead 4 year old girl is found in his fridge.

Bird flu reappearing in Beijing and northern Vietnam… China, you are on fire today!

Naked Dancing Man. Police. Booze. Strategically placed sock. Thank you and good night!