The innocent, seduced.

Its all sunshine up here.

More on last night’s episode of The Venture Bros. later, I imagine, but I’m still chuckling about last week’s involving the Batman/Superman analogue Captain Sunshine looking for a new teenage sidekick (to replace the one slayed by the Monarch) in the form of Hank Venture.

Bat innuendo?

The results were, predictably, hilarious and odd.

Comic books exposed!

Wertham would’ve probably loved it.

A good nights rest... together.

One of the things I always find fascinating about this show is that it rolls pretty hard with the nonstop pedophilia hints and jokes throughout the episode, both with Captain Sunshine (I love that his Justice League-type group was also the action news team, which is brilliant)  and Sgt. Hatred, but never really touches on the much darker thing going on: While in a slum, the Monarch killed a kid.

Doctors Venture and Mrs. The Monarch.

Personally I get tired of the Monarch and his crew easily (except for Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, of course), and found the most interesting and telling moment of his time on the show was way back when when he broke into the Venture compound – for the umpteenth time – and had sex with the robot with Dr. Venture’s face on it. I felt like it gave us a much more solid cause of his never ending hatred of the superscientist.

Say yes to Prog Rock.

As for superscience, as per last night’s episode, I knew the secret laid within the prog rock.

Brain... Head... there is a joke somewhere in this mess.

In other hot news, which I’m a few days late in joining the party on sharing, I’ve got bad news for you, August: They’re getting closer to ending Heroes. Well, actually, that’s great news, of course. It’s a rumor for now, but a nice one as NBC, suffering from a bad year in television, especially the troubles wrought by the ratings fiasco that has been Jay Leno at 10 PM, have asked the producers of Heroes to start “winding things down.” I guess not everything can be saved by lesbian make outs?

And it wasnt even sweeps yes. That smacks of desperation.

Of course, I don’t really want to believe that, not ever.

The cheerleader is saving the world her own way.