Outta this world girl.

It is full of stars!

Perhaps the coolest link ever posted here: TONE MATRIX.

Favorite headline of the day: Balloon boy’s father ‘wanted TV fame before the world ends in 2012.’ I think he got it.

Solar system’s edge surprises astronomers.

Just the most awesome wolf picture ever.

Though this wolf picture is pretty awesome too.

(though it’s probably not a wolf, but whatever.)

Exciting and voluntary.

40+ lurid, bizarre science fiction dream sequences.

Brett Ratner and the paraplegic sex encounters that are personal to him.

Cop sees aliens at a crop circle.

J.J. Abrams on the coincidences and logical problems of his Star Trek.

Iran and Israel attend secret meeting in Cairo about a nuclear-free middle east.

Space girl watches you masturbate.from here.

Study says: Humans are still evolving.

30 years of Social Distortion.

Your favorite landmarks as planets.

I’m kind of digging the new trailer for The Wolfman remake.

Church denounces African children as witches.

Let’s get a bunch of bees, and a bunch of cocaine, and…

See how few missions to Mars actually succeeded.

I wonder if the Devil Girl from Mars is seeing anyone.

“Do you remember that time when you were the girl from Mars?”

Abusive rabbi to be extradited to Israel.

ESPN and sexual depravity.

WTF is dairy drink?

The trailer for AMC’s remake of The Prisoner.

Hyperreality and The Real.

It leads you here, despite your destination.

Where will NASA send astronauts next?

“She thinks she missed the train from Mars, she’s out back counting stars.”

You could be swingin’ on a star…