All of these worlds are yours.

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The super geek in me is ecstatic not just that they finally released the second trailer for the upcoming series (either #1 or #5, depending on how you look at it) of Doctor Who, but that it finally made it’s way online:

It was airing only in movies theaters in England with copies of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland movie (which, I guess, is not being boycotted there after all) in 3D. This trailer is relentlessly silly and fun in a mega ridiculous kind of way, which is nice when you stop to remind yourself that this is still a children’s show.

Who knows, maybe Matt Smith won’t be horrible, but I’m more than starting to suspect that the lovely Karen Gillan is going to have that wide mouthed shocked look frozen onto her face the whole time. It is just super, crazy goofy. I kind of wonder if it was concocted by marketing folks rather than those actually in charge of the show, but I also don’t care because, by my count, I’ve now watched it something like 12 times. By the end of the night, because I seemingly have nothing else to do, it could be 1200 times.